Given the recent gas developments in Mozambique, what strategies has ENH implemented to encourage the training of local talent?

First of all, it is very important to understand the local content metrics and the Mozambique Program Local Content Stage.

The Local Content Metrics are divided into two categories:

At what extent national citizens or local suppliers can absorb the needs or the demand of O&G Operators in terms of employability and supply of goods and services. For example, the absorptive capacity can be calculated by counting the number of positions occupied within the work force of a given O&G operator or by the expenses incurred by the operators in the host country;
Efforts being made by Government, Operators or EPCs to increase their participation in local content over time, for example through the development of skills in the workforce, training and education, or to invest in the development of capacities and competitiveness of domestic supply chains.
Mozambique Local Content Program Stage

The current stage of Local Content implementation in Mozambique, is summarized in the approval of a Generic National Content Law that meets the expectations of the Government, the Concessionaires and the Local Private; and the installation of a program or structure that could facilitate the integration of the private sector into the hydrocarbon industry through its capacity building and financial support.

ENH Local Content Action

ENH is planning to build a technical school that will empower Mozambican manpower in terms of services needed in the first phase of the gas fields in Area 1 and Area 4, namely welding, electricity, submarine services, etc. With regard to the training of local companies, the Linkar Project is being designed whose main objective is to increase the participation of local companies in the South Coral Project, which will be the first project to begin with exploration activities. The Linkar Project will consist of four components, namely internal intervention , collective intervention, linkage and financial and will have as main stakeholders the operators of the South Coral, Financial Institutions and the Confederation of Economic Associations of the Country.

Where can Mozambique learn from other petroleum producing African countries?

Angola, Ghana and Nigeria are the Countries where Mozambique can get good experience.

There will be a technical site visit post event to Sonangol’s Sonils logistics base, will you or members of the delegation take part in this site visit?

Of Course experience as Sonangol´s Sonils Logistic Base will be important to visit.

Name Victor Tivane
Position Local Content Director, ENH
Event ALC