How do you see initiatives like the Africa Oil and Gas Local Content Conference to be beneficial in increasing local content initiatives in the hydrocarbons industry in the region?
Initiatives like these are of course, very welcome, particularly in Angola, as it provides stronger awareness and re-inforces the importance of such topic and the results therefrom.

What in your view, needs to be implemented to accelerate Angolanisation and local content to advance sustainable economic development?
Angola has made very incisive adjustments to the regulatory framework that governs the Local Content initiatives. Thus, even if further changes or adjustments are made, what is really required is that such policies are monitored and made to be implemented by the government’s stakeholders, within the time frames defined for the effect. The commitments for training & development of Angolans as well as those related to establishing technology / know-how transfer into Angola, must be well defined and made to be executed as agreed and/or regulated.

How can Angola work towards attracting more investment into Local Content development from the UKand other international countries?
Again, the aspects mentioned above, i.e. a strong and attracting regulatory framework, together with foreign investment incentives, laws and business environment.

What do you think the key outcomes of the ALC 2018 conference should be?
It will and should raise awareness and prompt the stakeholders for continuous attention to the importance of this very important topic for the economic and social development of Angola. It should also contribute to provide a review of current status of successes of the work done so far and eventually be an opportunity to reset what needs to be done, going forward.

Could you provide us with some examples of local oil and gas suppliers that have excelled within the industry?
There are many companies that can indeed, be seen as very good examples of local content, in the context of recruiting, training and development of Angolan professionals, on one hand, and others that have invested heavily in in bringing Angola to the edges of some of the most recent technology advancements, as we saw with the deep-water and pre-salt discoveries and operations.

Name Bráulio De Brito
Position Executive Director, Angola Chamber of Commerce
Event ALC